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Why not to buy cats, but adopt them

I'm home wherever I am with you, my new human'.

Thinking of getting a furry, meowing happiness, but can't decide whether to save up for a cat from a breeder or go to your local shelter? Are you worried that adopting a cat from a shelter might be worse than buying a cat from a breeder? We've put together some reasons not to buy cats, but to adopt.


Saving lives

By adopting a cat you will not only help a cat in a shelter, you will also save several cats' lives. Once a space becomes available at the shelter, the shelter will be able to take in a new stray cat. A large number of outdoor cats are not spayed or neutered, giving birth to kittens up to twice a year, with litters ranging from two to ten kittens. Unfortunately, kittens raised on the streets very often die at a young age - they are not dewormed or vaccinated, they wander into the road at night, etc. Therefore, by adopting, you cannot save just one cat, you can save the whole cat pack.

You will help with overpopulation

As we have already written, cats breed quickly. Unfortunately, the problem is not only with feral cats, but also with outdoor cats that have a home but are not neutered by their owner. All these kittens and cats end up either in shelters, on the streets or in the hands of heartless people. By adopting a neutered cat, you will help prevent overpopulation. Of course, spreading awareness of why to neuter a cat and not to be afraid of it is also important.

A verified cat

If you adopt an adult cat from a shelter, you can be sure that it is not only properly wormed and vaccinated, but that it is also healthy. In addition, you can find out fairly accurately how it behaves (whether it is cuddly, toilet trained, scratches the scratching post, gets along with other animals, etc.). Most of the cats in the shelter are already neutered, so you don't have to worry about where to take them to be neutered.

Most of the staff at the shelter, or the owners of the depositories, will not only explain everything to you, but will guide you through the cats and help you choose the one that is best for you.

Financial affordability

Whether you buy or adopt a cat, you always have to take into account that the pet costs something. However, adopting a cat will save you a lot of expenses that are usually higher when you get a new pet than when you keep it for a long time. The adoption fee is usually around 1,000 crowns and, as we have already written, the cat is usually already fully examined and vaccinated. Therefore, all you have to do is to buy toys, scratching posts and food and you can afford a cat without having to save for six months.

By adopting, you support adoption

Can you remember when your favourite celebrity was talking about a product and you immediately opened an online shop to buy it too? Or how your friend recommended a brand of coffee and you bought it? It's similar with adopting a cat. When your neighborhood sees that an adopted cat is just as playful, cuddly and appreciative of treats and toys as a purchased cat, more people will start adopting instead of buying cats.


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