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Tiger or lion: Who is the cat more like?

Do you recognize your cat? Micka or Mourek may feel like beasts when they look in the mirror.

The domestic cat is a descendant of the African cat and the Asian steppe cat. It has taken millennia for her to be persuaded to give people the feeling that she is finally domesticated. In reality, it's still a small version of the felid genus Panthera. Is your cat more of a tiger or a lion?


Tiger: Messenger of the tree-protecting gods

Indian natives referred to the tiger as the messenger of the tree-protecting gods. It is said to love water and a fit individual can swim several kilometres. It walks silently, is fast, agile and solitary. It is also called the king of the taiga. Unfortunately, it is an endangered species. There were nine subspecies of tigers, three of which have been extinct. Males weigh up to 250 kilograms (compared to females, which weigh a maximum of 160 kilograms). The tiger lives approximately 16 years, but no longer than 26 years. The tiger needs access to water and can track its prey for a very long time.

The white lion as ambassador of the stars

The African Timbavati was once ruled by Queen Numbi. Legend has it that during her reign a star fell and gave birth to the white lion. The white lions are believed to convey messages and warnings to the people. Interestingly, the lion is also a symbol of courage and honor in various other cultures around the world. Unfortunately, lions are also one of the vulnerable species because wild lions are geographically distant from each other and this is not good for the gene pool of this beast. Females can weigh up to 165 kilograms, males up to 250 kilograms. In the wild, they live for about 14 years, in captivity for up to 20 years. They are united in protecting their prey from other predators. They rest up to 20 hours a day.

Editor's tip: The list of endangered animals involves the tiger. See it here.

The cat and its resemblance to both beasts

The cat snuffsles quietly like a tiger. Some cats also care about the quality of the drinking water in their environment. Birds and mice watch with a keen eye. What connects them to the lion of the wilderness? Perhaps a passion for sleep and our trust that they ward off disease and evil. But according to research by a team of scientists in South Korea, they are 95.6% genetically similar to the tiger. Is that a surprise?

Foto: blende12


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