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All about breed: Devon Rex

I'm looking for your my new human!

The Devon Rex is a little known breed, but it is exceptional in its agility, character and appearance. At first glance, the Devon Rex looks like a little cat gnome, and at second glance? You'll fall in love with these cheerful sprites so much that you'll no longer think about looks, but about the possibility of adoption. What is it about the Devon Rex's appearance and personality that really makes it so special?



The Devon Rex is a small breed (2,5-4 kg), but with a very muscular body. So you don't have to worry that your cat won't go anywhere, or that your active lifestyle will be too much for it.

Their head is wide, triangular and their eyes and ears will catch your eye at first sight. Their eye colour is yellow or green. The breed is recognised in all colours and colour combinations.

The coat is very short, slightly wavy and silky to the touch, and requires almost no care, as this breed is hardly shedding. Because of its very short coat, cuddling a Devon Rex will feel like cuddling, for example, a Sphynx cat - like cuddling with a warm ball of love.


They are very intelligent: the Devon rex is one of those cat breeds that remind you strikingly of dogs. They will accompany you constantly, they love to cuddle, play and will have no problem learning to go out with you. They also often like to fetch and can learn various commands and tricks.

They are very sociable: they need their people and companionship to live - so you need to think about whether you will have enough time for them before getting a Devon Rex. For example, your occasional absence from home can be solved by our Heroine going to see your cat, but if you are away all the time, you won't be able to get a Devon Rex by scratching and visiting the Heroine every day. Thanks to her sociability, she gets along well not only with her family, but also with visitors, other cats and often with dogs. If they want something from you, they are not afraid to show it with a loud meow. On the other hand, they will appreciate a scratch with a loud spin.

They are very active: they like to jump, climb, run, explore... Devon rex is definitely not a bed sloth. It needs its play space, its big playground and you as a subject of constant play.

They have a considerable appetite: Although they are a small breed, Devon Rexes love to eat. Because of their active nature, they have a fast metabolism and will recharge after an exhausting spree, preferably in a hearty meal.

They are very cheerful: they are always in a good mood and ready for a cuddle, a new game, a walk or whatever you can think of for them.

"Hypoallergenic breed"

While not a completely hypoallergenic cat, many allergy sufferers tolerate the Devon Rex well. However, before getting a Devon Rex as an allergy sufferer, be sure to contact the breeder and test your tolerance to this breed.

What to think about before getting a devon rex?

  • Because Devon Rex have short fur that does not hold much heat, it is definitely not recommended to leave cats outside without access to the house whenever they need it.

  • Like its naked cousins, the devon rex needs to have its earwax cleaned more often.

  • Count on the fact that not only is the cat very active and in need of attention, but also that she can really get everywhere thanks to her small body and agility.

  • Because she likes to climb, scratch, run and play, many owners will find it useful to teach their cat to clip her claws.


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