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Tables that extend to the table

If you're short on space, two methods to fit in some seats is to put them in the table's supports or an extension design. A dining table that has pedestal bases eliminates the legs on the sides to create a central foundation, which leaves more space around the edges to seat guests. Be aware that this kind of table may be less robust than one with legs, which is why it's best to choose a table that is smaller.

There's also a wide range of extensions that let you add more space at your table.

Ciara Dining Table

  • Removable leaf extension The classic design the edges of the table can be separated by sliding along metal or wooden rails leaving an open space at the center. Extensions, also known as leaves, are kept separately and placed into the space. The ends are then pulled back to seal into place and form a larger table.

Dunloe Dining Table

  • Hidden-leaf extension: Sometimes extendable tables feature an mechanism under the table that hides leaf extensions until the table is ready be utilized. When you take the table's ends apart using the rails, the leaves fold down and then out. This will save space than a conventional extension table since there's no need for another storage space for the leaves.

  • End-leaf extensions: Sometimes instead of expanding tables in its middle area, leaves are slotted into the ends. The endcap piece is usually trimmed to the edges to conceal dowels or hinges if the leaves aren't attached.

  • Drop-leaf extension for these tables the leaves are affixed to the edges, and then hang down when not being used. They are lifted and then anchored to the table, creating extra space, and sometimes making a square table an oval one. Since the leaves are evident, they are often integrated into the design.

Barnett Flip Top Dining Table

  • Extension of the flip top: The seating area will increase by two-thirds by using this type of table. If the table is it is not extended both parts of the table stack over each other. The process of extending is straightforward; just flip the top part over by a hinge before sliding the table in place.

The purchase of a table that is extending is suitable if you don't require additional seating every day as you can change it to a larger size only when you're hosting more guests, but keep it smaller for regular use.

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folding away dining table

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