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How do cat pheromones work?

Probably every cat owner has more than once encountered the fact that his cat cuddled him like crazy. Does he rub his chin against you or bump his cheeks against the furniture? Don't worry, she hasn't gone crazy. She's just leaving her scents on you and the things around her, which is one of her natural ways of communicating. That's how cat pheromones work, and they can have a beneficial effect on your furry friend's psyche.


All cats use pheromones to interact with each other. This is actually a form of chemical communication where felines release scents from their glands, through which they send a range of signals and messages to others. For example, "facial" pheromones are located around the mouth, chin, forehead and cheeks, while others are found in the lower back, tail or on the paws.

Pheromones are not only common in cats, they are also found in the ant kingdom and bee communities. But we often hear about cat or dog pheromones, which have a range of functions - from marking their territory to calming newborns.

What pheromones do cats have?

The aforementioned facial pheromones act as a signal to cats that the objects in question are familiar and safe. These pheromones are produced by glands around the cheeks and chin, and cats also use them to mark their humans, whom they consider part of the colony. There is also a calming pheromone used by mother cats to calm their babies. This helps the mother to bond with her kittens. Another pheromone is found in cat urine and is especially prevalent in unneutered cats who mark their territory with a very unpleasant odor. Cats also mark their territory through their paws - when they "step on cabbage" or scratch things.

Products with cat pheromones

Cat pheromones work to calm not only kittens, but also have beneficial effects on the psyche of adults. That's why there are a range of products on the market that you can get for your kitty. Perhaps the most well-known product is the drawer diffuser, which mimics the facial pheromone and signals safe and familiar territory. With this gadget, you can reduce your cat's stress levels that cause marking or scratching, for example. This stress behaviour is very often triggered by changes in a cat's routine, travel, new furniture or additions to the family, as well as vet visits. When purchasing pheromone-based products, always remember that their effect may take several weeks to appear. So don't throw in the towel if it doesn't start working after a few days.


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